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Welcome to Ironwood Sword School

Ironwood Sword School teaches the medieval German Longsword system of unarmoured combat. It is one of the  Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), which attempt to recreate the authentic fighting methods of the medieval period.  In the German Longsword tradition the primary weapon is the longsword, but the system includes dagger, spear, wrestling, and one handed weapons.

Join the thousands of people across North America who have been taking up arms to learn the real art of swordfighting.

Come out and try a class with us.

Tournaments & Sparring
About Us

Ironwood Sword School is a Western Martial Arts (WMA) school teaching German Longsword and related arts in the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) tradition.


We teach the historically accurate combat methods of Master Johannes Liechtenauer. It is a complete system based on mastering the two-handed longsword and includes grappling, dagger, spear, and one-handed sword techniques.


We use traditional weapons and techniques for unarmoured combat, but wear a mix of period and modern safety gear to ensure we train safely. Like other martial arts we stress self-control, personal development, and promote increased fitness through training.

Contact Us


Phone: 613-358-9642

Facebook: Ironwood Sword School

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