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Schedule & Fees

Kingston Area Class:
Starting October 27, 2019 the location & format of the Kingston area class is changing. It will now be held at the Dirty Dog Farm, 205 Cowdy Rd. Enterprise, K0K-1Z0, which is about 45 min. NW of Kingston. The class will run on most Sundays from 1 to 3 pm and will be structured less as a standard formal martial arts class and more as a focused study group training session. I am charging $10 per class to cover costs & equipment for this training opportunity. If you wish to attend I ask that you notify me in advance through email or phone. If the class is not running on a given Sunday I will place a notice on the Ironwood Sword School Facebook page. Current members of the school are welcome to attend these sessions. Potential new students must contact me in advance if they wish to join the class.

Stirling Adult Class (Bellville/Trenton Area):
Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm


Classes are held at the Stirling Lions Club Hall (upstairs at the StirlingArena), 435 West Front Street, Stirling, ON, K0K-3E0.



Regular Adult Classes (Belleville/Stirling):

- Open to anyone regardless of background or skill level. New beginners complete an 8-week Introduction to Longsword program prior to joining the Novice/Scholar class. 

- All equipment needed to start is provided.

- Youths aged 15-17 may join with parental and

  instructor approval.

8-Week New Beginner Introduction to Longsword Class (75 min.) $120

Novice/Scholar Classes (2 hrs.)
Payment options:
8-week Membership:  $120.00
4-week Membership:  $65.00
Drop-in Rate:             $18.00
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